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DERNS alerts the public of the release or discharge of contaminants or pollutants locally or statewide when thresholds are exceeded.

In response to the 2001 Delaware law codified in Title 7, Delaware Code, Section 6028(a), the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) developed the notification system to promptly alert Delawareans to releases or discharges of contaminants or pollutants that meet or exceed certain thresholds in their neighborhoods or throughout the state.

When you register you choose to be notified in one of three ways-by phone, by e-mail or by fax. You also can choose to be notified about releases from specific facilities or about all releases that occur in one or more zip codes throughout the state.

This is not intended to be an emergency notification system, but rather a system to allow citizens to stay informed. Registrants will be notified within 24 hours of DNREC receiving a report when there is a release or discharge that meets the reportable quantities set forth in SB 33 in the geographic area(s) selected. The releases the system will report may include foul smelling air emissions or oil spills. Usually the releases reported do not threaten public safety. Information about these releases will also be posted on the DNREC website. To see examples of the type of information you will receive, you may view a list of recent environmental release notifications.

The button for registration will take you to a screen where you will provide some personal information and select a username and password. The username should be one word and must be unique. If someone else has used the username you will be required to select another username. Adding one or two digits to the username you selected often works. Please keep a copy of your user name and password because you will need them if you want to make any changes. You have the option to receive notification either by phone, email or fax. Phone messages will be brief and you could get calls in the middle of the night.

After you complete the first part of your registration, you may select as many zip codes or facilities as you wish so that when releases occur in those areas or at those sites you will be notified. Once you have completed these selections you can log out of the system.

If you need further information or assistance please call 302 -739-9902 or send an email to .